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This is one of those occasions when stupidity overcomes fiction. Yes, we know that the appointment is not so, but it is irrelevant, come to this point.
Feminism seeks equality for all people, regardless of the binarism that has corresponded to it (yes, it is boring, we are aware of it). Because, by the time the basic norms of feminism were established, there were only women and men in the world (sic).
From this base, we now know that in the last few decades, a type of presumtuous, histrionic, exacerbated, lacking in self-criticism, manipulating, restraining, excluiding, but above all, rancid activism has been created.
So much that it has not been able to adapt to today’s society, so much that it denigrates from an imaginary pedestal to a great number of women, who logically do not meet the necessary requirements for that feminism to listen to them, to defend them, to take them into account and to give the voice they need so much to be able to empower themselves and fight for what they want.
Women who seek to have other women underneath, to feel that they are still above.
It doesn’t matter if they are street or couch activists, it doesn’t matter if they charge from associations for which they «collaborate» or do it in a disinterested way. The mechanism is the same, the supremacy of the unbearable being in which they have become.
They have poisoned feminism, sold it to their interests, misrepresented it and brought it to a point of no return.
And that is where, unfortunately, he is now. At that point where the apparent wounds lick one another, while denying the poor «victims who don’t want to be saved.»
Destorting the pro-rights discourse, in defense of women who exercise prostitution freely and voluntarily, trying to equate women who are in situations of trafficking and labor exploitation forced to have sex, is abominable, despicable and execrable.
Trying to escalate «feminism» at the expense of the misery of millions of women around the world has always been a most pitiable and disgusting patriarchal practice. But it seems that when adopting the institutional «feminism» has already been bleached, as the money is perceived for it. Do not forget that it is public.
That is, oppressed women, those who are not part of the elite that meet in large bourgeois spaces, emblematic buildings maintained at local or autonomous level, for example, who have made theirs even though they are maintained by everyone, Are worthy of being represented by these women who have made a movement of claiming rights for women, their office and public benefit, not to be forgotten, because it is relevant.
This empoisoned movement, full of hatred and enraged when it does not get his, that is not the one of all, denies of the trans women (because they have cock). Sex work has always been the lifeline of trans, many have managed to turn a life of rejection (the family, first), violence, harassment and precariousness. Many having to look for life since adolescence because they were thrown out of their homes «by queer», «because they were a disgrace to the family». One of your arguments is that «you did not choose it freely, you were forced by circumstances» Yes, sure! And what have you done all these years to offer us more options? NOTHING (except more precarious at best, but «decent»). Always indicated as perpetuators of the stereotype of woman who wants patriarchy, always invisible. For the fact of being trans and whores. (Text by Sabrina Sánchez Member of TGEU). Transsexuals defend themselves, like whores.
Neither have they identified with the struggle of Muslim women or Romans, because in general, they are poor and such … and may even smell bad. They defend themselves, like whores.
They do not identify with the struggle of black women. It invisibles them and, in addition to that, he appropriates his hairstyles – dreads, dreadlocs – reducing an identity trait to mere «fashion hairstyle», which looks very cool when they look, but that gives «disgust» and does not look So well when black women wear it. (Desirée Bela-Loedde Text) Black women defend themselves, like whores.
With the cleaning women it has been exactly the same, let’s not fool ourselves that is ok when they come to clean their toilets, but from there to worry about their rights is a world. And they defend themselves, like whores.
The capacitating language used constantly for people with Alimentary Behaviour Disorder (or other disorders, but we will stick to it since it is the one that resonates the most) is atrocious. It is insulting. As is also to be said that vegan people suffer, irremediably, a mental disorder. Please stop talking about others. Text of anonymous woman with ABD). The women with ABD defend themselves, as the whores.
They also do not listen to us, the migrant whores, since they obsess in saying that we have been foolished, without wanting to understand, that sex work is part of our migration project, they treat us as illiterate , Although we speak several languages ​​due to our continuous flight of migration. They say that ignorant and unconscious, we are whores, because we had no choice, when we have decided, that this is the best job we can do for greater economic benefit and time. By silencing us, they apply that racism and classism, characteristic of white bourgeois who think themselves superior morally nourished by their gray and archaic feminist rhetoric. (Linda Porn’s text) Migrant women defend themselves, like whores.
Us, the sexual assistants are also condemned to opprobrium and ostracism, for prostitution and for doing so with the group of people called disabled. Apart from pestophobes, they are dyscafobic and gerontophobic, and consider our work a double disgrace and shame, stigmatizing us and our clients for old people, neurodivergents, cripples, abject bodies, and, ultimately, monsters. We are not sisters of charity, we are professionals who offer a quality service to men and women who deserve the right to live their sexuality as any human being, whether through paid sex or not, and their sexuality understood only as the Access to one’s own body or as the interaction with other bodies. (Text by Eva Vica, Sexual Assistant)
 And now, we would like to know what and to whom it includes this «feminism». Because after seeing the exclusions, it occurs to us that they only represent themselves. When the rights of women in minority aren’t fought from the center that moves the organisms, is because there is no more struggle, than that of acquired rights in their own benefit.
We understand that there are women who believe that sex work should not exist, we do not share it, but we understand it. But whorephobia, the deliberate lies conflating the free exercise of a work with trafficking, the denial of Labor rights for others, «because I already enjoy them» – is what definitely sets aside them from FEMINISM.
Meanwhile, the third wave is advancing so much that we anticipate a fourth in a short time and will drag them to ostracism and the slope that they themselves have walked.
Abolitionists, you don’t unite, you don’t care, you don’t answer and you don’t listen to the comrades of struggle who are in social scales other than yours, if not to «help» them as you want. But the fact of helping, is to offer the help that each one needs, and that which you sell, sour and canned, does not serve us.
Your feminism, that there was, we are sure about that, died when you decided to put against other women. Abolitionism is not feminism, be aware of it all at.
1. Linda Porn Puta Feminista
2. Anna Alba Escort Feminista
3.  Shirley McLaren Puta Feminista
4.  Shara Escort Puta Feminista
5.  Claudia Escort Bcn Escort Feminista
6.  Eva Vica Asistenta Sexual
7.  Letizia Roig Puta Feminista
8.  Genera Derechos Asociación Pro Derechos
9.  Janet Colectivo Putas Indignadas Robadors
10. Silvia Valle Queer Punk Riot
11. Jota Pedrín Actic¡vista Pro Derechos
12. Ramón Costa Activista Pro Derechos
13. Daniel Sánchez Activista Pro Derechos
14. Josep Marín Activista Pro Derechos
15 Wito Activista Pro Derechos
16. Chris Activista Pro Derechos
17. José Manuel García Activista Pro Derechos
18. Rafael Bellón Activista Pro Derechos
19. Lilit Vendetta Webcammer Puta Feminista
20. Citerea Anadiómena Bloguera Pro Derechos
21. Loreto Ballesteros Trabajadora Sexual
22. Natalia Ferrari Trabajadora Sexual
23. Ninfa Asociación Afemtras Puta Feminista
24. Jessi K Less Puta Feminista
25. Activismo TrasnsFeminista Pro Derechos
26. Mª Alejandra Ferradas Activista Pro Derechos
27. Aparicio Montés Activista Pro Derechos
28. Trini Cé Puta Feminista
29. Kenia García Puta Feminista
30. Ennis C. Puta Feminista
31. Amanda Azañón LGTBI y Transfeminista
32. Milagros Hernández Concejala y Activista Pro Derechos
33. Alba Medrano Activista Pro Derechos
34. Desirée Bela-Lobedde Activista Afrofeminista
35. Verónica Bastos Puta Feminista
36. Carmen Galisteo Activista Pro Derechos
37. Blanca de Solis Puta Feminista
38. Óscar Martínez Activista Pro Derechos
39. Alicia Murillo Activista Feminista
40. Paula Noire Ex trabajadora Sexual y Activista Pro Derechos
41. Marta Arias Activista Pro Derechios
42. Marikarmen Free Puta Feminista
43. Marta Barcelona Puta Feminista
44. Gilmara Pereira Do Santos (Brasil) Puta Feminista
45. Mª Clara Da Silva (Brasil) Puta Feminista
46. Marlene Teixeira (Brasil) Puta Feminista
47. María Riot (Argentina) Puta Feminista
48. Brune Baux (Argentina) Puta Feminista
49. René David Activista Pro Derechos
50. Ignasi Pons Activista Pro Derechos
51. Pablx Costa Activista marica/queer
52. Enrique Hernández Activista Pro Derechos
53. Georgina Orellano Secretaria General de Ammar
54. Ammar Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de Argentina Ammar-CTA
55. Laura Vivancos Feminista y Trabajadora Sexual
56. María Arias Feminista Pro Derechos
57. Toni Bautista Activista Pro Derechos
58. Antonio Baños Periodista, político, Activista Pro Derechos
59. Juanjo Torres Trabajador de Sexo, bisexual, migrante (Bruselas)
60. Úrsula Santa Cruz Psicóloga Feminista Pro Derechos
61. Paola Contreras Feminista Antirracista
62. Armando Rodríguez Activista Pro Derechos
63. Lucas MasterX Puta Feminista
64. María Activista Pro Derechos
65. Giancarlo M. Activista Pro Derechos (Chile)
66. Mª Teresa Cocciarini Feminista Pro Derechos
67. Itziar Amat Feminista y escort
68. Florencia Brizuela Feminista
69. Nuria Glam Escort
70. América Sáez Activista Feminista
71. Leo Gómez Activista marica (Argentina)
72. Lucía Egaña Feminista Pro Derechos
73. María Alba Escort Feminista Emigrante (Londres)
74. Montserrat Reyes Plataforma PAICAM Feminista
75. Daniela Ortiz Artista y Feminista Pro Derechos
76. Vania GFE Escort y Feminista
77. Amanda Carvajal Escort y Feminista
78. Beatris Pindado Artista de burlesque Feminista Pro Derechos
79. Ghapro Antwerpen Trabajador sexual
80. Pia Covre Representante legal del Comité de Derechos civiles de las prostitutas ONLUS, Italia


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