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Dear Wisewomen:

We want to thank you for this gift that you gave us today. Certainly it has come with a big delay, but as we are a group of good, considerate, empathetic and trustful group of people, we have always thought that  what we’ve beeing demanding since the dark times hovered over our beautiful and craft work will be given to us some day. We’ve waited a long time. We’ve been requesting it to you year after year and magic haven’t been in our side, every January 6th  we had another dissapointment.

Eventhough magic has always shunned from us, we knew that the Wisewomen were close to our petitions and very close to us. They also found opposition to their spell, so they redoubled their efforts, they had taken advice with other wisewomen, even good witches and finally, today their work has been rewarded. Despite the hexes of those evil witches living on the other shore. There, where only those harpies that can influence in magical desitions, thanx to their power and money, can live on.

Even though, the effort and hard work of witches and sorceresses that look after ALL WOMEN’S rights and not only of those that own old and vile bludgeon has given as a result this wonderful news that has left us excited and happy.

This is because rights shouldn’t been regulated accoding to morality and/or the self vision that each one has of its own body, nor religions, nor rights, lefts, centers and loops. Rights are inherent to human beings. Inherent to all of them, to all of us.

In APROSEX we embrace this letter, that was a world wide petiton for reason and give thier forgiven rights to a whole collective that have never deserved that middle-aged miscarriage of justice that we’ve survived as the activists we are, with a strong conviction of fighting for justice and the truth we need that governments   start immediately.

We want to thank ICRSE group (European Network of Sex Workers Projects) that started this ambicious objective that, finaly was a victory for us. Thank you Queens!. Thank you Wisewomen!

Thank you to all APROSEX associates that never doubted to sign for our legitimate right of not being penalized and criminalized





Shirley McLaren




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